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Code of Conduct

For Players

Treat team-mates, coaches, opponents, and Club members with full respect 

Have fun, reach for the top and always give it your best shot 

Umpires are there to interpret the rules for you so accept their decision 

Never use bad language or insult opponents, coaches, or spectators 

Do not try to gain unfair advantage over opponents 

Enjoy yourself; know the rules of Netball and play by the spirit of the rules 

Realize that without opponents, there would not be a game 

Players will: 

Maintain good behaviour at all times to avoid bringing the club or the game into disrepute. 

Be on time for training, matches and events and ensure full participation in warm-up sessions. 

Respect the decision of the coaches in team selection and match rotations. 

Inform coaches with reasonable notice if not available for training, matches and events, so that alternative arrangements can be made in good time. 

Aim to attend all training sessions with your team mates and, if in doubt about any netball activity, ASK. 

Accept success and failure with the same good grace. 

Wear appropriate kit for training, matches and events. 

Try to improve as a player by giving 100% attention and effort at all times (Look + Listen = Learn). 

Promptly follow the instructions and directions of the coaching team during training, matches and events. 

Tell the coaching team of any worries or concerns and also advise of any injuries. 

Remain with the coaching team until collected (i.e. indoors in Winter). 

Be aware of drugs policy within England Netball. 

Abide by the Club Constitution


For Parents


The club recognises that without the goodwill and support of Parents/Carers, young people would not be able to take part in a sporting life. The club makes every endeavour promote netball in a positive way and parents/carers are therefore requested to adopt the following code. 

Remember that all club coaches and officials operate on a voluntary basis and any help you can provide will be very gratefully received (e.g. match team managers) 

Parents/Carers should: 

Ensure Players are on time for training, matches and events, not least because all players must sufficiently warm-up with their ream mates before any drills or matches. 

Vocally encourage good and fair play and respect opposing teams and supporters. 

Accept the umpires' decision. 

Have a realistic expectation of your player and be aware of their aims and goals. 

Be encouraged to notify coaches of any medical or personal problems, so that the highly experienced coaches of young people can act with the right balance of care and sensitivity. 

Inform the club with adequate notice when players are not available for training, matches or events (i.e ideally 3 days in advance). 

Be encouraged to discuss any concerns about match selections and individual players' needs. 

Be aware of drugs policy within England Netball. 

Abide by the Constitution of the Club. 

Parent or Carers are encouraged NOT: 

To make negative remarks to players, officials or other spectators. 

To coach players during competition. 

To smoke on or around court areas.


For Coaches & Club Assistants


The club recognize that as coaches of young people we are part of their sporting life. We aim to make that experience as positive as possible by giving quality coaching and by making it enjoyable. 

Coaches and Club Assistants will: 

Be suitably qualified and will be encouraged to keep these qualifications up to date. 

Be encouraged to have certificates in first aid and sports injury. 

Be subject to a police check. 

Ensure that activities will be appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the player. 

Give consideration to the well being and safety of the individual player above all other considerations. 

Be approachable and available to discuss issues with players and parents or carers. 

Be aware of child protection and code of conduct policies contained within the England Netball guidelines. 

Adhere to the Rules of England Netball. 

Promote all the positive aspects of the sport. 

Maintain high standards of behaviour and appearance. 

Keep players, parents/carers informed of all relevant dates and decisions that affect the player/team. 

Be responsible for players whilst in their care. 

Have responsibility for team selection and match rotations. 

Endeavour to bring each individual to their full potential without favouritism. 

Bring to the attention of the players the drugs policy within England Netball. 

Bring to the attention of the players information on health education and the benefits of long-term physical fitness. 


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