About Our Club

Welcome to the Knutsford Junior Netball (KJNC) Club's website where you can find lots of information about our club, our training times and how to contact us. For enquiries please us the contact us option on our website. We are proud to be affiiliated with England Netball and play matches in the league.

For new membership enquiries please email Lauren Sweeney Email newmemberkjnc@gmail.com

The club trains from the ages of 8 through to 15 (School Years 4 to 11) plus and then progression to seniors adult section of club.

Training details are as follows Knutsford Leisure Centre (KLC) - Everybody Leisure 5.30pm to 7pm


-Blizzard Coach Charlotte

-Lightning & Thunder - Coach Clare
-Falcons- Coach Clare

Thursdays; Cylones Coach Kelly Yr 5 & 6 welcoming new players re Year 4 & yr 3 later in september Mondays. Coach Kelly M 07812 110418 re New starters Year 4 & 5. Thank you

Want to join?

In the first instance, please register your interest with our club. For enquiries email the contact us section on our website or email Lauren Sweeney. Email Newmemberkjnc@gmail.com

Knutsford Junior Netball club (KJNC) is a competitive yet inclusive club and potential new members in these age groups will be expected to complete a free trial session with experienced coaches.